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NEW VIDEO: @PerfectHandCrew - Rain Drop - (Prod by. @Heavytrackerz) [Visuals by. Gabriel Dugué] - [@

SBTV are showing everyone that Grime has gone universal. Earlier this month we saw the first ever Korean Grime track and visual get released on the platform. Yesterday, the 'Perfect Hand Crew' made a return to the channel with a fresh new track entitled 'Rain Drop', this one was put together by the production kings, 'Heavytrackerz'.

If you checked out the #KoreanGrime release earlier this month, you will have witnessed the language barrier, this is not the case as much with the 'Perfect Hand Crew', there are sections of the track where it plays a part, but they do deliver their bars in English, which will engage the UK listeners that little bit more. Regardless of the language barrier or not, it shows how powerful our scene and culture is, and it is very sick to see grime becoming a popular genre across Europe, and the globe.

These guys do not carry your standard grime image, which makes this drop even more powerful. It has spread into different social classes, something we worked out a while ago, and this visual has been put together by a videographer from Montpellier, Gabriele Dugué. A high quality visual which portrays the image of these 3 creatives very well. Some cold shots cooked up by the talented videographer to bring to us a very scenic music video for this track.

Check this one out below.

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