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NEW TRACK: @BigSean - Halfway Off The Balcony

After finishing a very informative interview with Zane Lowe, talking about his upcoming album 'I Decided', Big Sean decided to release another track off the upcoming album 'Halfway Off The Balcony'. If you are looking to purchase 'I decided' it would be best to pre-order it now and get this new track for free. This is Sean Don's third single off his upcoming project, after 'Moves' and 'Bounceback' success, lets see if this one is another banger. Listen to the new track below.

You can listen to 'Halfway Off The Balcony' here via iTunes

Amaire Johnson, who also worked on his hit record 'Bounce Back', also produced this new track. The production seems to find Sean in a contemplative situation, looking back at his career and how he has always stuck to his guns - "I'm the living proof you don't need a master's to be a masterpiece/ stay strong son and be the man you have to be"

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