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NEW TRACK: @Vibbar001 ft. Jordy, Skits, @JMEBBK - Like Dat - (Prod by. @TheConfect)

January 19, 2017

Vibbar has cooked up a legendary new track with Jordy, Skits and BBK pioneer, JME, with The Confect on production. This one is a vibe, and is set to get a lot of love. It comes to us via Vibbar's SoundCloud and has been promoted across JME's socials. Released just 3 hours ago and it has already picked up over 1,000 plays.

'Like Dat' see's the team sample the legendary track 'Move Your Feet' by Junior Senior, with a reconstructed beat, a wavey hook followed by verses from Jordy, Skits and JME, this recipe was always going to end with a quality final product. For me, it is very good to see JME on something other than traditional grime beats, he's approach to this is very calm, relaxed and natural. I am looking forward to seeing more similar work from not only JME, but Vibbar and his team also.

Check this one out below.



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