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NEWS: @BrysonTiller announces his next album title

His first album 'Trap Soul' became a massive success, I don't even think Tiller expected it himself. He found himself in the hits with a few records off the project and all that success can only mean one thing - to keep moving forward. 'Trap Soul' has clearly inspired Bryson to cook up yet another album and yesterday he took to social media to announce the title of the upcoming piece of work Unfortunately he only revealed the title, so I guess we will have to wait until we hear what he has got next up his sleeve.

So the follow up from 'Trap Soul' looks like it could be with us very soon, usually artists don't reveal the title and artwork much before the album is set to be released. Tiller has decided to title this album 'True To Self', however this could all change - as we have seen the same thing happen to a number of ra projects. The singer/rapper took to Twitter to announce the good news "I'm working on this album called 'True To Self', non-stop until it's finished. then it's yours."

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