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FREE MUSIC WEDNESDAYS: Casso Clay - 2 Much 2 Long - Prod by. Casso Clay & Thieta - The Pit LDN

Another free track from The Pit for their 'Free Music Wednesday' campaign, and once again they are bringing to us the freshest new talent. This weeks feature artist is the talented 'Casso Clay'. Residing from London he has invested time into himself as an artist and is producing quality tracks, so the team at The Pit chose to share some love and help him showcase his talents.

'2 Much 2 Long' was co produced by Casso himself, and Thieta. This may be part of the reason why his music sounds so naturally created, he is constructing these beats with the intention for him to deliver his own content over them, depending on his style of writing. Whether he writes music pre or post production, it cannot be denied that Casso possesses great and unique talent which is very hard to come by in this modern society we live in.

He has made noise before this release with his track 'Casso' which The Pit told us that this is how they discovered the young talent, they have now put the CGUK team onto him, and I can't wait to see what he has got lined up for the remainder of 2017.

Check out this week's feature release below.

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