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  • Luis James

NEW VIDEO: @YoungThug - Wyclef Jean

Last year Young Thug dropped his 'Jeffery' project, which was a massive success with fans and many celebrities too. The official video for the albums opener 'Wyclef Jean' is now available to watch, I guarantee you will have not saw a video like it. The whole story behind this video sounds like a mess but the execution is perfect and it turns out to be a very creative video that I am sure will have the whole internet talking.

Directors Pomp & Clout have made an excellent job of what sounds like a disastrous time shooting a video. The video starts off with a message from the co-director, Ryan Staake explaining how he has never met Young Thug but he was sent Thug's ideas over to put into the concept of the video. We then later on find out that Thugger showed up 10 hours late and then refused to even leave the car to shoot the video - due to his Instagram account being hacked upon his arrival.

The only footage with Young Thug in was the clips he sent the directors two months after it was filmed. Despite all the chaos, I have to admit this is one of the most creative music video's I have ever watched, the directors and editors have showcased a masterpiece. You can watch the visuals above.

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