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INTERVIEW: @KodakBlack1k sits down with The Breakfast Club

After being released from prison, Kodak Black has had a very busy life; from releasing music to challenging Lil Wayne to a boxing match, he has been featured in many headlines. This interview with The Breakfast Club has also plastered his name all over the internet - it was a very strange interview to say the least. Whilst sitting there in a ski mask, the rapper discusses Lil Wayne beef, being the best rapper and more. The crazy interview is available to watch below.

The hot topic coming from the rap game at the moment is the beef with Kodak Black and Lil Wayne and of course The Breakfast Club team quizzed him about this. Charlamagne says "you gotta out rap Lil Wayne to get the title, not beat him up", Kodak just laughs. When Angela Yee askys "why Lil Wayne in particular", he replies "I don't want to even talk about that, he too old". So it is clear that there is an issue on Kodak's behalf, we will just have to wait to see if Wayne makes any statements.

Shorty after, Envy asks him are you done with all the bullcrap and Kodak replies "hell yeah you can't stay winning from losing, you just gotta stay level headed". Then the interviewers decide to ask Kodak a quite personal question about his life with the money and the fam. Envy questions "Is the fame and money happening too fast? cause you gotta still have a foot in the streets" to which the rapper states "That's a lifestyle".

Of course this isn't all Kodak discuses with The Breakfast Club, you can catch the rest over on YouTube or by clicking on the video at the top.

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