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NEW VIDEO: @MarnoSoprano1 - Categories - (Visuals by. @BlackLabelVis) - [@LinkUpTV]

Upcoming UK Rap artist, Marno Soprano, has brought us that fire again. Link Up TV are the platform that bring us the visuals, and this one is entitled 'Categories'. Last year saw him build a strong name for himself and it was definitely quality over quantity. Although we didn't receive a large amount of material, what we did get was very hard, and high quality.

The young entrepreneur/artist is becoming a prominent figure in the drill music movement, and he is building a powerful image for himself. Whilst bringing to us the coldest tracks he is making serious moves with his 'Money Haffi Mek' clothing line. This alongside his art means that Marno Soprano is set to reap the benefits for his hard work very soon.

Black Label Visuals are his chosen platform to put together this new music video, and they have done a very good job with it. Some cold shots put together, and this one is set to get serious views.

Check this one out below.

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