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FREE MUSIC WEDNESDAYS: TonyEQ & O'Malley Oddysee - Tour De France - Prod by. FatMoneyKing &a

Here we have it, another fire drop from the team over at The Pit for their 'Free Music Wednesday's' campaign. This one see's a South East London and Birmingham link up through the creatives that are Tony EQ and O'Malley Oddysee. These are two powerhouses in the underground hip-hop scene within the UK are looking to make serious moves this year. Both of are heavily involved with the running of labels, 'Dialtone Digital' being affiliated with Tony EQ and 'Be Ripe Records' being associated with the 0121 man, O'Malley Oddysee. Serious power moves in this collaboration which has been taken from the forthcoming collaborative LP between Dialtone and Be Ripe.

After meeting up in Bristol they recorded the whole LP in the city full of creatives. Be Ripe Records gained attention in 2016 and Dialtone Digital were formed in late 2016 and have been working towards a range of releases from a number of artists. They have also had tracks premiered on SWU.FM, Radar Radio, and Balamii and now host their own fortnightly radio show on 10TwentyRadio. Another great opportunity to help promote and push this LP to help it gain the recognition it deserves.

The Pit LDN gave us an insight into the inspiration behind the beat and the production of this. They stated via their SoundCloud that:

' “Tour de France” is comically inspired by the recent spree of drug usage by athletes during the famous race. Fatmoney’s bouncy, jazz-southern trap production provides the backdrop to the jovial, rhythmic lyricism that artists Tony EQ and O’Malley Oddysee use as they draw parallels between their own experiences and lifestyles in their respective cities. '

Very nicely put by the team, and the untaught chemistry between these two is evident through the power of their music. The production has been done by someone with this collaborative circle that they have created between their two labels. We see Fat Money King and Jet Jyata cook up the beat, and the fact they move within the same cirlce means this one was more than likely made to suit the styles and flows of Toney and O'Malley. This in itself engages the listener as you catch the vibe of how raw and organic the track is.

When you hear Tony jump on the beat and how O'Malley jumps in you instantly notice the connection and link that these two have, and if the EP comes with the vibe of 'Tour De France' it is definitely set to gain a lot of love.

Tony flows very nicely and rides the beat almost expertly, O'Malley jumps in and the difference in tone and contrast in accent from these pair gives the track another dimension, the switch between Dialtone's representative and Be Ripe's Oddysee sounds very sick.

Watch out for the release of the LP which is due to come this March. In the meantime check out the latest release premiered on The Pit's SoundCloud below.

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