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  • Sam Rasmin - @sjrasmin

NEWS: @CBiz_ER freed of murder charges and is released from prison!

Earlier today news emerged that £R man, C Biz, has been cleared of the murder charges linking him with the killing of Oliver Tetlow.

Biz was accused of arranging the drive by shooting that took place just after 10pm on 9th March 2016. It was believed he hired a gunman after jewellery was stolen from the UK Rap star. Tetlow was mistaken for a member of the gang that stole his jewels. The trial went on for 4 weeks and collapsed today after Biz and the gunman's lawyers claimed there was insufficient evidence. This saw the case dropped and Biz is now free again.

There has still been no verdict on the case, and the police will now make a decision on how they carry the investigation further.

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