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NEW VIDEO: @LethalBizzle ft. @OfficialGiggs & @BigFlowdan - Round Here - (Prod by. @Heavytracker

As we all eagerly await the release of Lethal Bizzle's new album, he's treated us to a very serious collaboration. 'Round Here' see's Lethal B, Flowdan, and the Landlord himself, Giggs. This trio jump on a beat produced by the 'Heavytrackerz', they've been cooking up some serious instrumentals for a while now, and as this drop comes as the first single of the upcoming project 'Lennox Road', we should have already known this one was set to be a banger.

Bizzle drops some heavy bars and brings to us a very sick hook. This beat sounds a lot more traditional in comparison to track prior to this, and if the project comes with a similar vibe, and with content of a similar quality, we could have another historical album on our hands.

As per usual Giggs eats up the beat and kills it with his skippy flow and powerful delivery. There was never any doubt really was there...? My only issue with this track is the lack of bars Flowdan drops. An MC with the talent he possesses he definitely deserved a verse. 'Round Here' only see's him feature on the hook. The track is still a banger, but I feel Flowdan has more to offer than just one bar on the hook.

Overall, this track is due to build a serious hype for the album, and I for one cannot wait to hear the full project.

Check this one out below.

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