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NEW VIDEO: Tremz - No Fame Pt. 2 - Visuals by. Kye Taliana - #LifestyleOfAPirate

Scouse Trappin Tremz is back with his first release of 2017, and this one is wavy. This one has been out less than 24 hours and has already picked up around 30k views. For me, he has overcome the people who were holding him back for his accent, and based on the reaction this drop is getting, it has been accepted and people genuinely rate him for his music and work rate.

We received the first part to 'No Fame' around 5 months ago, and that one collected almost 375k views. Let's see if Part.2 does numbers like that?

Tremz goes in on this one,and deliver some very sick content, dropping it nicely with his very unique flow. At the end of the visuals we learn of what Tremz has been investing his time in. A new project. This one is set to be entitled 'Lifestyle Of A Pirate'. The FTR team are looking to drop it around the end of February. If the content of the project is as cold as this release then it is due to make some serious noise.

Check out the latest movie shot by Kye Taliana below.

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