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NEW: @SBTVonline bring to us #KoreanGrime - @Damndef - Do It - (Prod by. @TheSigmaBeats) - [@JamalEdwards]

January 7, 2017

We've seen the grime scene explode, and be accepted on a global scale, we've seen the US start to embrace the movement which started in London back in the early 2000's. Yesterday we saw SBTV release visuals for the first ever Korean grime release. The work from all of the early pioneers of the movement is finally paying off, and the culture that the UK has loved and embraced for the past 17 years or so, has spread to the other side of the globe. Anything is possible.

Damndef jumps on a Sigma beat, and despite the language barrier, the vibe and sound created relates very well to the original grime culture that we've become accustomed to here in the UK. A very wise move to bring a hook onto the track in English, as it makes it that little bit easier for us in the UK to create a bond with the track and feel it that little bit more with us being unable to absorb his lyrical content on his verses.


It is obvious that the authenticity will struggle to shine through purely due to the rawness of what comes from the UK, and how heavily influenced this is by our sound. But, the way in which Damndef has embraced the sound and worked on his art is very sick. With consistency and hard work, he could see himself become a pioneer for the Korean Grime scene and build a serious wave in his nation.


Serious props must be given to Jamal and the team over at SBTV for bringing this new wave to us and elevating the Korean movement on their, what has become, very powerful platform. Support the movement and check this one below.


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