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Yesterday, Vital brought to us the long awaited 'Powers' E.P. The Wolverhampton MC has been putting in serious work for years now, but more so over the past 12 months. This summer has been a busy one for the OhMyGoooush figure head.

We have seen him travel across the globe, going from Cyprus to the U.S, whilst keeping it locked back here in the UK. Nothing but hard work. We got a 'Dead Or Dying Tour' which consisted of shows at MADE Festival, BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend, and an appearance at Black 'n' White Club for 'Crank' in Ayia Napa, just to name a few. Whilst doing this, he has remained consistent with the material. We got visuals for 'Dead Or Dying', a quick visual on his Instagram for his SoundCloud release 'Update' and many more. He has topped of his year with 'Powers' in preparation for another big year as 2017 approaches.

'Powers' comes as a product of a link up with Vital and the SetPace team with every track produced by Heckz, the founder of the label. The production of the beats, the lyrical content, the layout, everything about this E.P has been constructed expertly, and this is being massively appreciated by the audience.


1. Key (POWERS)

2. Uber Ones

3. In Aid

4. Beat

5. Theory

6. Endz Whistling (BONUS)

The E.P kicks off with a introductory track which see's some powerful words spoken by Vital and slowly builds into a calm relaxing flow which brings us into the EP and introduces perfectly the message and direction behind the project.

We then get straight into the second track which is a brief track entitled 'Uber Ones'. As the saying is 'quality over quantity', and this track is a perfect example of that. 1 minute 9 seconds of serious content. Vital goes in on this one, and despite it being a short track, he comes with some very moving content. For me as the E.P goes on the energy on the tracks just increase, nothing but positivity and inspiration coming from these tracks, and as you listen further the art form becomes more and more eloquent.

'Endz Whistling' is the track that brings the E.P to it's finale. A track that we received visuals for 3 months ago. The visuals were recorded whilst Vital and ReadTheTitle were out working in Cyprus this summer. Not only did we receive visuals for this one, but it was also released on iTunes, Spotify and all major streaming outlets. For me, a perfect way to bring a very sick E.P to a close. Something we are familiar with, and a track that has already received a lot of. 'Endz Whistling' fits in perfectly with the concept behind 'Powers'.

'Powers' has been extremely well received, and since it's release at midnight yesterday it has rocketed to 20th in the iTunes chart. A huge acheivement for both Vital, SetPace and the rest of the WV team.

It has taken over social media and the love has been overwhelming for not only Vital, but Wolves as a city. For me, the success and support that 'Powers' has received means that you're not going to be able to avoid the movement and work rate coming out of WV right now.

2017 is going to be huge for them, and since Vital has shown everyone that the benefits of creating art are reachable we will hopefully see artists stand up, and after the explosion amongst Birmingham's grime scene in recent years, who is to say it is not Wolverhampton's turn?

To finalise the delivery of this flawless E.P that we have received, Vital has teamed up with ReadTheTitle and P110 to bring us a 'Net Video' for, not 1 tracks, not 2 tracks, but 3 tracks, one of them not even featuring on the project. We have received some cold visuals for 'In Aid' and 'Uber Ones' whilst the short video which featured on his Instagram and other social platforms for 'Update' has also been incorporated into the video.

The opening of the video tells us how 'Powers' was initiated, and the circumstances of how this process took place.

A very wise move to bring us this so quickly after dropping the 6 track E.P, and he has kept himself even more so relevant with this one. 'In Aid' and 'Uber Ones' see some cold shots get taken during his time out in the states, and the development of these visuals from his early releases show the progress and journey that this highly talented artist has been on.

Vital has been making serious power moves all year round, and he has brought 2016 to a fantastic finale with this release, and I can't wait to see what him and the SetPace team have got lined up for the next 12 months.

Make sure you pre-order or stream the 'Powers E.P' at the links below.

iTunes - Powers E.P

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