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NEW: Lady Leshurr ft. Alika, Madders Tiff, Ms Banks, Neville & Reiss Boogie - Girls In Grime

Coming up as one of the most talented UK female MC's, Lady Leshurr felt it was time to give something back, and help elevate the talented female artists within the UK. This release comes as some huge exposure for artists such as Madder, Alika and Ms Banks. The number of females building a name for themselves in the scene as risen immensely over the years, and since Lady Leshurr blew, it has become much more common for females to get similar recognition to males. Not that there was huge segreation, and gender has never been a strong issue, but from early this year we have seen many more on big platforms and receiving the recogniton they deserve.

Back in October Leshurr and her collective of MC's linked up with RedBull and the team at their London Studio's for a Studio Science workshop. Last night RedBull dropped a quick snippet of what they got up to whilst they were working together. We see the MC's involved dropped a quick freestyle from the booth, legendary movements and I can't wait to see these MC's prosper over the next 12 months.

Props must be given to Leshurr, RedBull and everyone involved. Make sure you check out the video released by RedBull Music below.

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