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NEW TRACK: @FettyWap Ft. @NickiMinaj - Like A Star

On Nicki Minaj's 34st birthday, she releases a collaborative record with Fetty Wap titled 'Like A Star' - there can't be a better feeling for an artist than when you release a potential hit on your special day. Fetty Wap has been quiet in the rap game recently (apart from his 'Zoovier' mixtape), so hopefully this Nicki collab puts him back on the map. As for Nicki, releasing music is nothing new for her - after releasing her 'Black Barbies' hit lets see if 'Like A Star' will match up.

Both artists bring different vibes to this track, Fetty Wap comes through and serenades the ladies, whilst Nicki lets everyone know about the empire she has built for herself. Fetty handles the hook "You're just like a star, baby" "You shine from afar, baby", then Nicki comes in and just lets rip. I think everyone has heard Nicki hype herself up on records, multiple times and this track is no different "Who better than Nicki" she asks. "Every time I drop, bit**es like FML / I own my own game". Check out the new record above.

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