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NEW ALBUM: @JColeNC - 4 Your Eyez Only

December 9, 2016

Just a week after his surprise announcement, the album is finally here! J.Cole releases '4 Your Eyez Only'. We first heard the news on his 'Eyez' documentary, that was released last week. Then we heard two 'warm-up' tracks titled 'Everybody Dies' and 'False Prophets' which created a massive topic of discussion on social media. Now we have reached the peak of the good week for J.Cole and this album has came at the perfect time.


Stream via Apple Music here

J.Cole is back two years after his last project 'Forest Hills Drive', with yet another featureless album. That is one thing that makes him stand out, he doesn't follow the 'rap crowd', he has more than enough power and money to feature some really big artists on this project, but he decides to go alone. '4 Your Eyez Only' is a short project, to say the least - only containing 10 tracks in total.

You can watch J.Cole's documentary 'Eyez', which was created in aid of this new project - you can watch Eyez here via youtube. The story that J.Cole is telling on this album is breathtaking, he is speaking about his life and the life of his friend. He starts off explaining that he doesn't want to live anymore, then in the third record 'Deja Vu' is where he meets a girl and falls in love with her 'She's Mine Pt.1'. As the album goes on the message gets deeper, 'She's Mine Pt.2' is the part of the album where Cole has his own Daughter. Then in the last iconic song '4 Your Eyez Only' J.Cole is talking on behalf of his friend who died from being involved in the streets. Take a listen to '4 Your Eyez Only' and go on the journey yourself.




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