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NEW E.P: @AveyBredda x @HeckzSetPace - The Order E.P [@SetPaceMusic]

SetPace Music is an upcoming record label from Wolverhampton, West Midlands and are bringing to us some of the hottest sounds. Founded in May, 2016. SetPace was set up by Heckz to help develop artists and get their music heard in the right places.

After having a brief conversation with the founder he told me that;

'it isn’t about being ahead of the rest but to set your goals and to follow your own pace' '

'As humans we all learn and develop at different speeds but the most important thing to remember is that without pace there is no progress'

A very powerful message which I totally agree with, and feel that in this new generation and society that we live in, this must be remembered. It is not always about constantly releasing tracks and projects, but ensuring that your art form is complete before it reaches the audience. The way in which SetPace is operating will allow artists to produce the finest quality art forms and that is exactly what we need in the scene. Despite there being a need for consistency and high work rate, there is very little point in rushing a track, or an E.P, it is quality over quantity and once you have reached a point where you can deliver quality tracks on a regular basis it is best to work at your own pace.

SetPace works with a number artists and some who have currently have released music under the label are:

Avey Bredda | @AveyBredda

Heckz | @Heckzsetpace

Dimez | @InfamousDIMEZ

VITAL | @Vital0

SetPace Music present to us 'The Order E.P'. A 9 track E.P put together by two producers from the West Midlands going by the names of, Avey Bredda and Heckz. We received this project yesterday and was released on iTunes and is now available for £6.99. You can also check it out via Spotify.


1.Back To The Future

2. Twelve

3. Deadhouse

4. Pattern Up

5. Double Dash

6. Judgement

7. Bounce

8. Vice City

9. Clairvoyance

Avey Bredda and Heckz have done a madness with these beats and have acquired for a variety of flows. The duo have given any MC the opportunity to come and shutdown with these ones, and props must be given to them and the SetPace team for putting in the work to create 9 tracks of excellence.

SetPace are available on all forms of social media, and currently have their own playlist on Spotify, the links are below.

Facebook: Setpacemusic

Twitter: @setpacemusic

Instagram: @setpacemusic

Soundcloud: Setpace

SetPace Spotify Playlist

Make sure you purchase 'The Order E.P' at the link below..

iTunes: Avey Bredda x Heckz - The Order E.P

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