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  • Luis James

NEW TRACK: @Wale - Groundhog Day (J.Cole Response)

Literally the whole internet is hyping around J.Cole at the moment, with his new documentary and track coming out - it has been the talk of social media this past week. There has been so much talk, regarding who the rapper was talking about in one of the tracks titled 'False Prophets'. It seems as though Wale also took offence to Cole' track, as he now returned with a single called 'Groundhog Day' which is supposedly a response to J.Cole.

Wale does not mess around with this one, hitting Cole with some hard hitting lyrics "I'm heavily flawed, but far from a false prophet", he even goes on to mention J.Cole's name, making it pretty obvious what this whole record is about "I remember me and Cole opened for Hov". Wale is clearly trying to prove a statement, he doesn't really fear anyone in the rap game and is prepared to fire shots at anyone to get where he needs to be