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NEW VIDEO: @AJFromTheLane - Pasta (Prod by. @Nyge_) [Visuals by. @JMornix @KZNCreative]

AJ Tracey has well and truly made a name for himself in the UK right now, and he is about to take it global. This new track see's him and his team living lavish out in the sun. AJ is definitely living life right now, and he's got the 'Lil Tracey' EP coming. Onto serious things, and 'Pasta' is the second taster of what is to come.

'Pasta' comes with a catchy hook, and some seriously cold verses. AJ's been shutting down tracks all year, and his latest material is sounding much more professional. The hook allows you to embrace AJ From The Lane's talent with the pen and paper, a hook that will stay imprinted on your mind. But, there is much more to this track than the hook itself. The track has been huge since it dropped yesterday and has been premiered on Beats1 with Zane Lowe. A huge statement not only for Tracey himself, but the whole of the UK scene.

Props must be given to the whole team involved with the production and delivery of this one. Nyge, Ziro, Robin Petras, JMornixFilm, KZNCreative, Virgil Abloh, A$AP Bari, Dave, Juss, Arj, Rapz & MTP. A team of powerful creatives and it is definitely evident in the final product.

Make sure you get the EP that is out on the 2nd December, and in the mean check out the cold visuals below.

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