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NEW VIDEO: @ItsBigZuu x @SantanDave1 - "Ghetto Kyote" [Bars & Keys] [@SBTVonline] [@Ja

Big Zuu and Santan Dave have linked up to join the 'Bars & Keys' series over at SBTV. A very powerful freestyle, as Dave jumps on the keys and brings a much slower, deeper feel to the track as Big Zuu approached this one much more relaxed, and works his way into giving us those powerful, in your face bars that we are used to.

With the powers of Jamal Edwards, Dave and Big Zuu all being brought together to work on one small project was always going to create something special. A very significant face amongst the UK scene and two of the most promising figures within our culture. Dave has had a huge year, and Big Zuu is set to be one of the UK's hardest MC's, that's if he hasn't already been given that label.

"Ghetto Kyote" is one of the hardest releases of the year when it comes to freestyling, and with Dave putting in work on the keys it creates a really powerful but relaxed vibe. We appreciate Big Zuu much more as we delve deeper into his bars as he talks about some very relevant issues.

Check this one out below.

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