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NEW VIDEO: @RealMoStack - Block Popping (Visuals by. @KaylumDennis) [Prod by. @SEVAQK]

'Block Popping' comes as Mo Stack last release of the year, and he had to see it off with a bang. He has linked up with Kaylum and Sevaqk to get the final product out to us. Sevaqk on the beat, and Kaylum on the visuals, whilst Mo brings the vibe. The N8 man dropped this one on his YouTube channel just 2 days ago, and it's making some serious noise. Will it reach the levels of 'Liar Liar'..I think it's going to give it a run for it's money.

Mo Stack has had a huge year, and has remained consistent throughout. Dropping banger after banger, and coming through with some huge names on the 'Liar Liar Remix'. And now this...?

The track comes with a catchy hook which will be imprinted on your mind from the first time of listening. There is more to this banger than just a hook. Mo comes through with some cold verses. Some heavy lyrical content, clever wordplay and the delivery is executed perfectly. All these factors brought together create one of the hardest tracks of the year.

Make sure you check this one out below.

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