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  • Luis James

NEW MIXTAPE: @Gucci Mane x @1Future - Free Bricks 2 (Zone 6 Edition)

This collaboration literally came out of no where, no promotion at all - Everyone just woke up to a Gucci x Future mixtape unexpectedly. It's like the pair of rappers just don't stop working - The Atlanta mindset is clearly non stop work and inspire all the young bulls trying to come up from that city. You can listen to 'Free Bricks 2 : Zone 6 Edition below.

Before the album was dropped Gucci went back and fourth on Twitter, making sure all his fans knew that there was a big surprise on it's way. Despite the mixtape only containing 6 tracks, there are a few fire tracks included; RR Trucks and All Shooters are my personal best. The two Atlanta rappers showcase their talents and let the world know that this project is one of the best this year.

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