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NEW VIDEO: @FekkyOfficial - Mad Ting, Sad Ting ft. @SectionBoyz_

It's the one we have all been waiting for. The visuals and official track for 'Mad Ting, Sad Ting' have dropped. We were blessed with this huge release last night, and it is has lived up to it's expectations.

After getting a feel for the track from the live performance at this years MOBO Awards, social media has been going nuts requesting for the track and visuals to be released.

This collaboration is one of the biggest of the year so far. Section Boyz have teamed up with some major names this year. They have really made a name for themselves and are now one of the biggest acts in the UK. We were expecting big things from this crew, and that is exactly what we have got. The latest one coming in the form of 'Mad Ting, Sad Ting' with the Bu Bu Bang man himself, Fekky.

As we all expected, every man bodied they're verse. There was never any doubt, this one is due to gain a lot of love, and has already collected almost 50k views in less than 24 hours. 'Mad Ting, Sad Ting' is due to see serious numbers.

You need to check this one out.

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