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NEW VIDEO: Zeo x Eyez - Liars - Visuals by. Kyle Shox Brown

Zeo and Eyez have teamed up to bring us a new banger. Presented to us by SBTV, visuals put together by Kyle Shox Brown, and the bars come as a product of Wolverhampton and Derby as these two shower MC's jump on the track to send out a hard hitting, but truthful message out to the people.

The beat comes at a tempo which is set up perfectly for Zeo and Eyez to flow over the track with some very heavy lyrical content, but it comes with a very dark twist which engages the listener that little bit more. A track that will make you delve deeper into the message in the track and these two execute their verses to perfection.

'Liars' comes as an art form which is not only sonically pleasing, but visually aswell. Kyle Shox Brown has put in serious work, and the setting for this shoot has been positioned and shot very well and is due to give this track the elevation that it deserves.

You definitely need to check this one out, and deep the message behind the track.

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