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  • Luis James

NEW VIDEO: @MeekMill - Blue Notes

Just 6 days after releasing his 'Dreamchasers 4' project, Meek Mill has dropped 2 visuals 'Shine' and 'The Difference' and now he is onto his third. Meek had decided to land a clip for 'Blue Notes'... it seems like the visuals are just going to keep rolling out. Ever since the project has dropped, I haven't really seen anyone hating on the album via social media - I do think the big named features have helped the album appeal to a bigger audience.

Personally I believe this is one of the best tracks off the album and the visuals meet the standard of the audio too. We see Meek dice-rolling and flaunting a lot of cash, with the luxury cars making another appearance. Meek seems to flaunt a lot of his riches in his videos and 'Blue Notes' is no exception to that and when you have "Started with nothin" like Meek raps, who can blame him. Check out the 'Blue Notes' video above.

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