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NEW: @YG announces new mixtape 'Red Friday'

After recently releasing an his 'Still Brazy' album in June, I'm sure all YG fans are surprised with his recent announcement to release another project this year. I think everyone is so accustomed to not believing what celebrities may suggest/hint on Twitter, but YG has never really been associated with any of that - so when he made this announcement yesterday via Twitter, he's really about his word.

It looks like this Black Friday isn't going to be black, as YG is painting it red this year. YG tweets "Black Friday ain't black this year.I'm painted that bitch RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "RED FRIDAY MIXTAPE 11/25". Coming off the back of his latest video 'One Time Comin', this new announcement pushes closer to a perfect year as far as his rapping is concerned.

As you can see above YG did state that "Promised I wasn't droppin no more mixtapes. But I was once told Promises R made to be broken". Whilst you wait on his upcoming project you can listen to his 'Still Brazy' album via Spotify here.

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