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NEW VIDEO: @SantanDave1 - Six Paths

After having the 6 God jump on the remix of his track, 'Wanna Know', Dave hasn't took long to bring us some more art. The visuals for the track 'Six Paths' has come just 3 days after, what has to be, Dave's biggest career achievement yet.

On this one, he brings us something with a much quicker tempo in comparison to his latest releases. Anyone who has been following Dave for some time knows that he is versatile and very musically gifted. But, I feel that this release will be an eye opener for his 'new' fans' who will have been intrigued by him after the link up with Drizzy. A very tactical move that may come as a surprise for some, but Santan Dave really is showing everyone that he can bring an upbeat vibe as well as a slow jam.

At the end of September we were given the 'Six Paths' EP, and Dave is looking to continue bringing us more work. A mad year so far, a Fire In The Booth, an EP, a remix with Drake, a Rated Awards nomination, and a headline show which is happening in December. This guy is set to be a huge name in the music industry and if these releases keep coming it won't be long till people all over the globe are listening to his art.

Check out the visuals below.

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