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NEW VIDEO: @SleeksSection - Gear 6 (Visuals by. @KaylumDennis) [Prod by. @WildBoyAce]

Sleeks is coming at with a solo track..of course the whole Section gang were in the visuals, and dropped a couple adlibs, but Sleeks takes main stage and he has killed this track. His famous 'Gear 6 in the rain' bar, which featured on their link up with Breezy, has been turned into a track with the UK sound and some cold bars.

Gear 6 comes as Sleeks' first solo track and his come up with Section Boyz has given him a powerful platform and the experience to deliver some hard material. To see the likes of him, Inch, and Swfit delivering their own sound whilst killing it with their Section family is mad positive for the scene and they are really making a bold statement as to why they are one of the hardest cliques in the music industry right now.

There was never any doubt over the quality of the visuals, and it is open for everyone to know the relationship between Kaylum and Section, and like every other music video Kaylum has finessed this one.

Check out 'Gear 6' below.

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