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NEXT UP: Peso Equipe

The next big thing, fresh out of Manchester, a collective named 'Peso Equipe'. A group of 8 creatives, who are looking to do major things in the UK scene and are looking to give us the best music out of Manchester.

I witnessed them shutdown at Skit in Birmingham earlier this year, and after linking up with them after their set, I was intrigued to see what else they had to offer and I personally think if they continue to remain consistent and continue their vibe they are going to be a major force in the UK real soon.

Earlier this week, me and the Peso gang caught up and spoke about what they've really got planned and how they came together.

When discussing their aims, I learnt a lot about how passionate they really are about this music ting. They want to bring the best music out of Manchester and showcase it on a global basis. Their aim is not to only be heard in England, they want to take their sound universal and get love from the rest of the world. They have very high aims and aspirations. After speaking I learned that they are extremely confident and believe they have all the essential skills to reach these aims.

The Pesonians music speaks for it self. They aim to make feel good music which can listen to in the club and also produce deeper art that allows people to think and better themselves. And it is safe to say that they are making sure that everyone can hear their work. They are constantly releasing new visuals and are lining up the bookings for shows.

The Manny crew have been together for 2 and half years now. They tell me that they were just getting warmed up and the work that is yet to come is going to elevate their name much higher. It seems they've got big things yet to come and the Peso gang have told me that they've got some big news in the pipeline, but we've got to wait a little bit longer before we learn about their next move.

The clique came together whilst studying at University and towards the end of their last year they found the name 'Peso Equipe' to release their collective sound. From there they started to work on their art and released via our major platforms such as, SoundCloud and YouTube. After University the clique that was formed moved back to Manchester. This is where they linked up with TM to complete the movement. Peso Equipe consists of ShoSho, Lexso, Femi, TM, Chamzy, EseAkira, Demz, and JustRome. Each and every one of them brings their own vibe and that's what makes this clique stand out from the rest.

Not only do they create a new sound but they also own their own record label. Entertainment First Records. They're riding a new wave, and us at CGM look forward to working in the future.

Now is the time everyone needs to push the movement, they've already made serious noise so far, but their plans for the future are set to reach new levels for their crew.

You can watch their latest release entitled 'We Got This' below.

You can find them on social media at the links below

Instagram - @peso_equipe

Twitter - @Peso_equipe

SoundCloud - EntFirstRecords

Website -

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