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NEW VIDEO: @LilUziVert - You Was Right

Lil Uzi finally releases the visuals for his track 'You Was Right', this track finds itself on the Top 100 Billboard list - along with three other Uzi tracks. Metro Boomin, who produced the track seems to feature in the video quite a few times, alongside his girlfriend. The visuals are in support of the 22 year-olds 'Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World' project. You can watch the crazy visuals below and take a look at Lil Uzi's recent releases 'Ready Set Go (VLone)' & 'Michael Jordan'

'You Was Right' was directed by Spike Jordan, who brings us an Alice in Wonderland inspired video. The idea for the video plays on the lyrics " fantasy on my phone" and transforms into his fantasy when he walks through a magical door. He even has bunnies hopping around in the video, it is literally Lil Uzi Vert x Alice in Wonderland. Uzi's obsession with Scott Pilgrim has certainly never been a secret and he has taken it to a new level by getting a iced out chain that represents his 'Lil Uzi Vs. The World' cover.

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