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QUARTER FINAL: @RedbullUK Grime-A-Side - #Birmingham vs #Derby

Red Bull has put grime clashes on a whole new platform and have put together a pioneering tournament which sees 8 UK cities put together a team to go against each other bar for bar. We have 4 quarter finals, then onto the semis, and finally onto the Grand Final.

The Birmingham teams have the Grime Scene Hooligan, Jaykae, as their captain, who is accompanied by Mayhem and Deadly. The first opponent for the Brum team was Derby, captained by Eyez.

Derby kick off the quarter final and the first man on the mic is Lox, and he definitely kick starts the clash with a bang, but as soon as Deadly jumped on, for me it was at that point that Birmingham ran away with it. Their was far too much experience and quality in the bars from this overly-qualified team. Mayhem and Jaykae came through with some recognisable bars which were tweaked to allow them to over power the Derby man.

It turns out I'm not the only one who think that Jaykae's team won this one. Here are the current results below.

Make your own judgement on this one and check out the clash below.

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