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NEW VIDEO: @KreptPlayDirty - Letter To Cadet

So, first we had Cadet's Letter To Krept, and now we've got Krept's reply. Like I said in the post on Cadet's release, he is one of the most talented lyricists in the UK scene, and so is Krept. To see these two discussing their issues back and fourth on tracks is something the scene doesn't really see to often, but this is why the UK scene is the best in the universe.

Two artists who have taken completely different paths in terms of their style and sound, but can still make these two tracks and everything be so natural, can not be done anyway else other than that family bond and the UK culture and upbringing.

Krept has reached a whole new level in his career but he hasn't lost the ability to jump on a slow track and get deeper with the bars.

Check out 'Letter To Cadet' below.

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