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  • Luis James

NEW TRACK: @Martyballerr - Bag First

Marty Baller is back with another single. He has been releasing a couple of songs this year, this latest one may be his best so far. 'Bag First' is the title and it fits in with the cover art perfectly as you can see Marty has filled his cover art with designer bags. If you liked 'Big Timers' and 'Flex', you will definitely love this record, it might even be your favourite Baller track to date.

Produced by Ben Jayne, he lays down a fast-paced beat whilst Marty lays down his energetic rapping sound. If you haven't really heard of Marty Baller before, you would probably most recognise him from being A$AP Ferg's hypeman on stage at all his shows. I feel as though Marty thinks its the right time for him to break out of that shadow and finally become his own artist, just like A$AP Ferg had to do. Check out Marty's new single and stay tuned for his MartyGraw project.

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