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Part 3...@OfficialChip visits @CharlieSloth for another Fire In The Booth

We've all been waiting to see Charlie and Chip in the booth again after their twitter beef earlier this year. The North London MC has been the talk of the UK after a string of 'beefs' with a number of MC's and more recently Chip and Sloth went back and fourth at each other on Twitter, and they decided to settle in by getting the Power Up MC back in the booth to call it quits.

Chip's first lyrics was a bar for Charlie, and he spits clearly and openly and raises the levels of respect for himself as he holds no passengers and comes and let's Charlie know exactly how he feels. A major statement, not many MC's would do what he has just done, but we all know that Chip isn't the one to shy away from drama.

As usual Chip comes at the freestyle with some heavy lyrics, a sick flow and he only enhanced his reputation and image by doing what he did in the booth.

It seems like the air has been cleared with Charlie, and their is a level of mutual respect between the two prominent UK figures.

You can check out the freestyle below.

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