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NEW TRACK: @Stormzy1 releases 'Birthday Girl' dedicated to @MayaJama

Last night Stormzy set levels for every man last night as he released a track dedicated to his girl, Maya Jama, for her birthday. He released it on the eve of her birthday, and not only will it raise every girls expectations from their man, but it is also very lyrically good. Some very sick verses, a catchy hook and a slow beat to complete the feel to the track. Once again, Big Mike is setting levels.

Stormzy is definitely the man this year, not only is he a big face with one of the worlds leading sports brand, he has been the face of his boyhood clubs promotion for a world record signing, he has helped lift the grime scene to a worldwide platform and has now made himself everyone's relationship goals.

You can check this one out below.

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