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  • Luis James

@DJMustard and @YG announce their '400 Summers' mixtape

DJ Mustard and YG are finally putting their words to action, the fans can finally see that they are putting their past behind them. Just yesterday the pair took to their social media to announce a joint mixtape titled '400 Summers'. The title '400 Summers' comes from YG's 4hunnid brand and the next part has came from Mustards 10 summers project.

The announcement came from Mustard tweeting an image of him and YG stood in front of a Mercedes "400 SUMMERS MIXTAPE COMING…Wasn’t pose to give it away but fuck it @YG" followed by YG adding the same image on Instagram with his caption "400 SUMMERS TAPE KOMING. SOON DOE"

#YG #DJMustard #400Summers #NewMixtape #10Summers #4hunnid #Compto

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