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UPDATE: @OfficialChip comes for @YungenPlayDirty with 'Peri Peri Sauce'

Chip and Yungen are at it again, and it all started with a sneak diss in Yungen's silencing track 'Away Games'. Chip couldn't stay quiet for long and came back with this big track.

First of Yungen spoke about breaking another Link Up TV record if he was to send another diss track, which must have give Chip some ammuniton to come at him and attempt to provoke another diss track. The Play Dirty member then goes onto spit about Chip's tweets regarding the whole Nando's situation.

Yungen evidently didn't take too kindly to this and came at Chip with the bars:

'Now man's busting jokes for retweets

You weren't laughing when I bucked you though,

I just didn't tweet it like these neeks'

It's now become common knowledge that Chip and Yungen were seen having a conversation in Visions Nightclub, which is the time where they supposedly 'squashed' the beef. After this Chip went on to publish the tweets which sparked up the whole beef again as Yungen sends for Chip. There is still ongoing debates whether Yungen is lying about the details of the conversation and Chip also took to twitter to suggest this. At the moment no one really knows whether it's true, but any how it all makes good for the music.

So, onto 'Peri-Peri Sauce'..Chip definitely went in with this one, and he really does show talented he is with the pen and pad.

With this one, there is no sneak disses. Chip comes at Yungen from start to finish, and due to this he really has brought this beef back to the surface. It's what everyone's talking about...again. And he definitely isn't playing games this time round.

The opening bars of the track are..

'You mascot for a team that you know don't like you

I don't like you cuh I ain't like you 44 in the 4 door, time you bang it man, 'llow it man'

Straight away he states that the Play Dirty team (Krept & Konan) don't like him, could be something to do with the fact that he wasn't feature on 'The Long Way Home'. He then goes on to discuss Yungen's recent road talk. 4x4 in the 4 door, but a lot of people are suggesting that Yungen isn't about what he raps about. And this becomes a common theme throughout the track as Chip keeps going at him.

Not only about the 'road talk' but about the Nando's situation where he ran from the 'henchman'. Another way Chip came at him was the location, where better to record a diss track about someone who lost his Nando's, than at Nando's??

Chip really isn't playing games with this one, and the bars below really are making a mockery of Yungs.

'Heart you ain't got any, but legs you had many You chicken, you ain't on nuttin, you run when it's peri peri Hot- boy, hot- boy, it's getting hot, boy While you're in the crew you'll never be the top boy'

Later on in the track Chip goes onto to discuss a clash, he seems pretty confident that he would body Yungen in a clash and it is very much on the cards. But getting both to agree is the difficult part. Chip states that he would 'thrash him' and give the money to charity. A clash has been discussed and it is believed that it was what was spoke about in Visions. In a humorous manner, but it didn't quite stay that away. Rumours of course but I'll be interested to see what happens.

For me, Chip is back on top, will Yungen come back? Will they clash? I can't wait to see what the whole situation has got in store for us.

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