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NEW VIDEO: @BullygreenRR x @Official6ix7 - New Park Road Remix

Bullygreen has linked up with the 67 man to put together the 'New Park Road' Remix. Dimzy, Scribz, Liquez, Siz Parks, Change and Papi join the 'Ill Vibe' man on the track and it is definitely one of the hottest tracks to be released in the last month.

Bullygreen brings the 67 man through on a completely different vibe, and it is the first time I've heard these man jump on a track like this, and it is definitely what was needed. A switch up in the sound makes them that little bit more diverse and open to a wider audience. This is what could take 67 to the next level, because there is no doubt that they have the talent and the consistency to take the scene by storm.

You can check out the remix below.

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