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NEW VIDEO: @YungenPlayDirty - Away Games [Visuals by. @KaylumDennis]

After some footage surfaced last week everyone was talking about Yungen, and not necessarily in a positive light. The Play Dirty man was seen to be confronted by a strong built male, who has remained unknown, Yungs then swiftly drops his Nando's and makes a pacey get away. Away Games sets the record straight, and he definitely silences the haters in this one.

It took one bar to silence everyone, and as soon as everyone heard it people began to realise and appreciate the situation. 'Man said I ran away and lost my balls, like I will fight Hulk and his friends like a fool.' It was not cowardness, but a wise move. To silence everyone with bars, and some quick visuals takes some talent, and that is definitely what Yungen has got.

Props must be given to the general, Kaylum Dennis, once again coming through with the coldest visuals, a perfect match for the bars Yungs just delivered.

You can check out the powerful 2 minute 50 second track below.

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