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NEW ALBUM: @OfficialGiggs - Landlord

The Hollow Man has done it again, and this time round his definitely set to make history with 'Landlord'. An album that has had the whole of the UK scene talking from the moment he announced that he was working on a new project. It received a heavy promotional push from the likes of Stormzy, Section Boyz and Play Dirty, just to name a few.


1. Intro 2. The Blow Back (Ft. Stormzy & Dubz) 3. Whippin Excursion 4. Just Swervin 5. The Process 6. Lock Doh (Ft. Donae'o) 7. The Best (Ft. Aystar & Youngs Teflon) 8. Slippin 9. 501 (Hollow And Heston) (Ft. CasIsDead) 10. Of Course (Ft. Rico Love) 11. Savage (Ft. Kyze) 12. Lyrical Combat (Ft. CasIsDead & Dubz) 13. Clipped Him (Ft. Gunna Dee) 14. The New Shit

Some very heavy features appear on the album, and for me the heaviest track comes with Stormzy and Dubz. Out of the 14 tracks on the album, 6 of the come as solo, and as per usual Giggs comes heavy with the flow, heavy with the bars and makes every single track a banger.

Interestingly, CasIsDead features more than any other artist on the album, but he definitely adds a lot to the tracks he features on. A very talented artist, who has built a fairly strong following, and these features definitely won't do his reputation any harm.

Whippin Excursion comes as the single from the album, and it definitely gained a lot of love from the get go. If people weren't gassed enough for the album, this track definitely did the job. A traditional Giggs banger.

The Hollow Man recently did a live set after the release of his album, as well as a session on 'Beats1' which was used as promotion for the big drop. Not that all the promotion was required, but in my opinion all of the events surrounding the release definitely added to the event, and made it more of a landmark in Giggs' career.

The album is set to go down in UK history, and is definitely what we've all been waiting for from Giggs. Props must be given to everyone involved in delivering the art.

'Landlord' is available at the link below.

Giggs - Landlord - iTunes

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