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The KA & GRM Daily Rated Awards - Who Are We Voting For?

So, as the yearly Rated Awards draw closer the CGUK family felt it was necessary to cast our votes and let you know who we feel deserves to take home the awards this year. It's been an amazing 12 months for the UK and there is definitely going to be some tough decisions in there. Let's go.


Nominees - Ray BLK, Mist, 67, Santan Dave, Nadia Rose, AJ Tracey, C Biz, Avelino, WSTRN, Big Tobz

#CGUK vote - Mist

It's been an amazing year for the Brum MC and he's consistently released hit after hit, aswell as earning his Fire In The Booth. Every nominee has had a sick year and for me it was between Mist, AJ Tracey and Big Tobz, but in my opinion M-I-S to the T has to pick up this one.


Nominees - Ghetts - U Dun Know Already, Kano - This Is England, Tinie Tempah - Girls Like, Wretch 32 x Avelino - Hulk Hogan, Mr Bigz - Beluga Bitches Bollinger, Nines - Intro, Skepta - Man (Gang), Giggs - Whippin Excursion, Lethal Bizzle - Wobble, Tinie Tempah ft. Wizkid - Mamacita

#CGUK vote - Kano - This Is England

This one was a very tough decision. After analysing the nominated visuals, I narrowed it down to Nines' 'Intro', Skepta with 'Man' and Kano's legendary 'This Is England'. For me it is KA's video for his track from 'Made In The Manor' that I feel deserves the 'Best Video' award.


Nominees - Tim Westwood, Logan Sama, Sian Anderson, Siobhan Bell, DJ Target, Sir Spyro, Rude Kid, Charlie Sloth, DJ Semtex, Manny Norte

#CGUK vote - Logan Sama

It's been a sick year for Logan and he's done serious bits for the scene this year, as always. The London DJ has been putting in work and I definitely feel he deserves to take it home this year.


Nominees - Rude Kid, Z Dot, Swifta Beater, Diztortion, Nana Rogues, SirSpyro, ZXPH ELLIS, Donae’o, Nyge,Carns Hill

#CGUK vote - SirSpyro

#SoundsOfTheSir has definitely been ringing in everyone's head this year and it's because Spyro has delivered banger after banger, and he's been shutting down shows on radio. This one is a no brainer for me.


Nominees - Poet & Vuj, Bashy, John Boyega, 3 Shots Of Tequila, Reggie Yates, Julie Adenuga, Kayode Ewumi, Idris Elba, Arnold Oceng, NFTR

#CGUK vote - John Boyega

Another tough one, for this one I was stuck between John and Kayode Ewumi. Both have had fantastic years and have really excelled and made a name for themselves. Yes, Kayode has gained a lot of love and is on his way to becoming an extremely popular personality within the UK, but for me Boyega has took his career to a whole new level this year and his hard work and determination to succeed from an early age and has allowed to reach his goals.


Nominees - MoStack - Gangster With Banter, Ghetts x Rude Kid - 653, Wretch 32 & Avelino - Young Fire Old Flame, 67 - In Skengs We Trust, Youngs Teflon - Trillin 2, Chip - Rap vs Grime, Bonkaz - Mixtape of The Year, Kojey Radical - 23 Winters, P Money - Money Over Everyone 2, Fekky - Brandy & Coke

#CGUK vote - Wretch 32 & Avelino - Young Fire Old Flame

This one was a game changer, the experience and the rawness of Wretch and Avelino on this one created such a powerful sound and for me cannot be touched this year. Every nomination is worthy, but Wretch and Av killed it with this one.

And..that concludes our votes. You can vote yourself right now over at the link below.


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