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NEW VIDEO: @IzzieGibbs ft. @BigNarstie & @Prynce_Mini - My Life

Izzie Gibbs, the BDL Champion and Prynce Mini released visuals for their new track 'My Life' earlier today on SBTV. The visuals come with a story as it shows a man living an illegal lifestyle and then flips into the day to day life of someone who works legit and is trying to sell clothes. A very insightful and deeper set of visuals, opening the eyes of the youth of today and showing them the consequences of their life choices. Extremely powerful, and to top it off it is matched by some hard bars and verses from each MC on the track.

For me, this is what the UK underground scene is all about, using a platform and a talent to make a difference for those who are trapped in a system where they can not see the positives. Big ups must be given to everyone involved in this track. To see Narstie bringing through the youth of the grime scene is inspirational and it is sick to see two generations working together to bring us this banger.

Prynce Mini brings a very authentic vibe to the track and gives is a little more diversity which makes it much more sonically appealing.

You can check out the track below.

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