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  • Luis James

NEW: @DaveEast - No Lights

Just a day after releasing 'Perocets', Dave East is back with another track titled 'No Lights'. It is seeming like a good end to the year for East, not only does he have these two new tracks but he was also crowned with the 2016 XXL Freshman title. If you are a fan of these two tracks and like Dave East's music, be sure to check out his project which will be available to stream/buy next month.

Dave East uses one or two play on words in this track, "show ya bitch to the world like I'm Ray J" he raps, referring to when Kim Kardashian and Ray J' sex tape was leaked - considering the position that Kanye West is at in the game right now, these lyrics may not work in East' favour. This track is not like many other rappers, in the sense that East doesn't rap about using drugs, he talks about trapping them. You can check out the Triple A produced track below.

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