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  • Luis James

@Djkhaled covers Complex Magazine

Just days away from his latest album 'Major Key' arrives, DJ Khaled features on the cover of Complex Magazine alongside Tony Robbins. Seen as the pair are probably two of the most inspirational human beings, it makes a fitting cover. The both of them are currently undergoing major projects, Khaled is about to release his new alnum 'Major Key' and Tony Robbins has recently starred in a documentary titled 'Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru'

Not only do the pair inspire their fans in this issue but they also let them inside their previous life, the times when things wasn't so good. They both share their struggles of raising a family with such a demanding career, how they both used to sleep in their cars and Khaled tells the world about his fear of flying. You can watch Khaled and Robbins discuss Snapchat and relationships below or read their full cover of Complex here

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