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NEW VIDEO: @IceKidXI x @OfficialChip - Where's Ice Kid At

It's the one we've all been waiting for. True grime heads have been awaiting this link up for so many years now and the legendary combo have finally blessed our screens with this incredible link up. A track that will go down in history, not just for how long we've waited, but the pure quality of the track.

When it comes to bars there's not many that can reach the levels these two get to, and this track definitely sets in stone that these are two of the hardest products that the UK grime scene has ever produced.

Just like Ice Kid, the settings for the visuals are very lowkey and who else could give them that sick finishing touch than Kevin Hudson. Serious props to him, and of course we must give appreciation to Ice Kid and Chip.

You can check out the track below, and Ice Kid's brand new mixtape is also available now.

Download the mixtape here!

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