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NEW VIDEO: Haile ft. AJ Tracey, Akelle, Yung Fume, Tremz & Louis Rei - Oops Remix

As if the track wasn't hard enough it's self, the WSTRN boy, Haile, has brought some expected faces and some fresh faces to jump on the biggest remix of the year this far. Oops gained a lot of love from the get go, and after seeing a few remixes floating about prior to this, it was only right that Haile went all out and brought through some of the freshest acts from the scene.

Like I said, we probably expected to see some of the WSTRN family on the remix, and this time round Akelle and Louis Rei have brought to us some fresh verses, but to bring the likes of AJ Tracey, Tremz and Yung Fumes to the studio makes it that little bit more exciting. For me AJ's consistency meant that the track was without a doubt going to be a hit, and Tremz really brings that greezy edge to the track. It is also interesting to hear Tremz on a more calm and relaxed vibe and it definitely works well.

You can check out the track below.

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