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NEW VIDEO: @BigNarstie x @CongoNattyRebel - BDL Anthem Remix

Big Narstie and Congo Natty have linked up a dropped a heavy hitting up beat remix of Narstie's track entitled 'BDL Anthem'. The original got a lot of gas amongst the scene and Congo Natty couldn't let the opportunity slip pass and not jump on it with one of the nations underground treasures.

This ones definitely one that will be well received in the rave and it's already gaining a lot of love on Noisey's YouTube channel where it was released 2 days ago. The BDL general has been up to a lot lately and is exploring many avenues, such as working in the studio with Robbie Williams. Wouldn't expect them two to be working together would you?...Neither would I, but like I said Narstie is slowly becoming a national treasure.

You can check out the track below.

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