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@SectionBoyz_ open up for @Beyoncé at Wembley Stadium

The time for Beyoncé's 'Formation Tour' to hit London had finally came around and for this tour it looks like Beyoncé had done her research and decided to represent Grime heavily for this show at Wembley Stadium. Beyoncé danced to two Skepta tracks and then for the second leg of the London show's she brought out Section Boyz as her support act and of course the South London group made the most of this experience, performing their most popular track and posting it all over their social media.

Beyoncé knew exactly what she was doing when she had arranged one of the most successful rap groups coming from London to support her for her visit to London. It was a clever tactic and was clearly enjoyed by her supporters, as 'Lock Arff' echoed around Wembley Stadium. Section Boyz seem to be the one's opening a lot of doors for the UK scene, with the hype they gathered from bringing Drake out to support them at their show in London and then featuring on two tracks with US superstar Chris Brown. Now, opening up for Beyoncé at Wembley Stadium - it looks like the sky is the limit for Section Boyz and UK Grime.

Section Boyz are not the only UK artist that Beyoncé put on the map at her Formation tour, she also showed us that she maybe a closet Skepta fan. When the instrumental for Skepta's 'That's Not Me' and 'Man' blasted through Wembley's speakers, Beyoncé sure did do her thing on stage. She definitely has the approval from the man himself, "You looked amazing at Wembley last night @Beyonce wish I was there with you 🐝🌹🐝 #SHUTDOWN" Skepta captions his Instagram video.

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