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NEW VIDEO: @Wretch32 - Liberation

UK legend, Wretch 32 released the visuals for his new single 'Liberation'. His chosen platform was 'Noisey', an interesting platform but I believe it will be appreciated as a true art form, which is definitely what it deserves. After linking up with PEP and Kirk Brissett over at Noisey to direct the video it allowed Wretch to really get his message across through the visuals, that's if he didnt succeed through the sonics. Which, in my opinion, he definitely did.

This is a very powerful and meaningful piece of work and as we have all gathered Wretch's sound is maturing and a lot of his content is now coming from a wiser and greater mindset than we've ever witnessed before. He is now at the forefront of the UK urban scene and he is doing an extremely impressive job at educating and directing our generation with his sound.

This is Wretch 32's first piece of work since his mixtape with his apprentice, Avelino, and he has described the meaning of the title 'Liberation' as the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release. Motivational? This is exactly what Wretch is achieving through his work of late and it will be interesting to see what follows this very powerful and moving track.

You can check out 'Liberation' below.

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